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St. Matthew’s Food Pantry Ministries

For over 20 years, Cathedral and community members have discovered the joy in uniting together to love and serve our neighbors through St. Matthew’s Food Pantry ministries. We are grateful for the compassion and wisdom of those who, years ago, recognized a community need and responded in creating our Food Pantry. Today, we continue in their footsteps, broadening our food relief outreach through four distinct ministries: Thursday Food Pantry, Daily Bread Outreach, Family Drive-through and Clothes Closet. With each welcoming smile, each hand-picked bag of food, and each thoughtful word, we come alongside our neighbors in their time of need with compassion, hope and relief, one precious life at a time.

Thursday Food Pantry

Assists our neighbors experiencing economic and housing insecurity with supplemental food relief. Weekly, our neighbors enjoy selecting from a variety of nutritional foods, including shelf-stable goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and meat and dairy (as they are available). Each Thursday, Cathedral and community members gather together, rejoicing in the privilege of loving and serving our neighbors.

Hours of operation:  Thursdays, 8a-10a
Location: Outdoors on the Ross Avenue side of the Cathedral

Please consider a monetary donation to keep this vital ministry running. To do so, use the button below.


Daily Bread Outreach 

Many of our neighbors come to us hungry now. Three days a week, church members open their hearts and schedules to serve in this beautiful one-on-one ministry, where joy and compassion, conversation, and friendships are as free-flowing as the selection of snack lunch foods and fresh fruit we offer to our neighbors.  Daily Bread has moved its days/hours and food offerings to Thursday Food Pantry until construction around the Cathedral is complete.

Hours of operation:  Thursdays, 8a-10a
Location:  Outdoors on the Ross Avenue side of the Cathedral

Clothes Closet

Blesses our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness with needed seasonal clothes, hygiene, blankets and sleeping bags (as available).Clothes Closet began in the closure of a beloved neighborhood outreach ministry, St. Matthew’s Country Fair when Food Pantry received its last few pairs of blue jeans and t-shirts. Church members, recognizing an additional way we could participate in the love and care of our most vulnerable neighbors, began donating items of clothing and hygiene, which we joyfully distribute weekly during Thursday Food Pantry to our very grateful neighbors.  

Hours of operation:  Thursdays, 8a-10a
Location:  Outdoors on the Ross Avenue side of the Cathedral


The Food Pantry team is eager to serve your physical and spiritual needs. If you have a specific prayer request, email

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