St. Matthews Cathedral

Christian Formation

Christian formation is based on the ancient ministry of the Church to catechize, or instruct, its members. For adults at the Cathedral, formation happens on Sunday mornings, between services, in the Great Hall at 10:25am, called “Formation Hour.” Formation Hour typically includes a rich teaching from Dean Rob Price, and occasionally includes concurrent classes like: Confirmation Preparation, Intro to the Cathedral, Baptism Preparation, etc.

Current Formation Classes:

Untold Stories

Taught by Fr. Rob

Join Fr. Rob to explore the parts of Scripture you won’t hear on Sundays. Though we read most of the Bible throughout the church calendar, some passages and stories don’t make it in, usually because they are difficult to understand and, at times, seem offensive. Fr. Rob sheds light on these difficult stories so that we can receive their inspired truth. 

Anglicanism 101: Confirmation Preparation

Taught by Fr. David

Join Fr. David to learn about Anglican history, theology, and its relevance today. This class serves the purpose of confirmation preparation, but it is open to anyone wanting to learn about Anglicanism. Being confirmed at the end is not required of anyone. If you are interested in learning about our tradition, whether you’re new, cradle, or not Episcopalian, this class if especially for you!

Confirmands are expected to commit to this weekly course. No one is required to be confirmed, even if they start with the intention to do so.