St. Matthews Cathedral

Christmastide Concert with Liturgical Folk

Thursday, January 4th, 6:30P ~ Free

Join us for a festive family concert with Liturgical Folk! The doors will open at 6:30pm for light refreshments, drinks and the opportunity to view three beautiful Creches (nativity scenes) that are on display at the Cathedral! The concert will begin at 7:00pm.

Parking is free, in the lot at the corner of Ross and Henderson Avenues.

Address: 5100 Ross Ave, Dallas TX 75206


About Liturgical Folk

Liturgical Folk is a sound of liturgical renewal, pairing historic church language with modern folk sounds. We believe the church can be a credible artistic witness in the world by listening to the “sound in the ground” of a place, and by making beautiful and believable sacred music in response. We invite you to join us as we reimagine the hymnal for a new generation of ecumenical worship.

We are creating a cohesive network of like-minded churches and artists with the hope of inspiring and refreshing all saints wherever they may be on their journey and to resource the church with what we have discovered deep in its bones and prayer books.